Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Using Cross-Object Formula Fields and Hyperlinks in formula of SFDC

( Job_Application__r.Candidate__r.Id ,
Job_Application__r.Candidate__r.Last_Name__c )

- Click the Insert Field button, and select Review >, Job Application >,Candidate >, Record ID, and click Insert.
- Salesforce generates a unique ID for every record.
- By inserting the record ID of the candidate in our HYPERLINK function, we're enabling our formula field to locate and link to the candidate's record.
- We are displaying first name and last name by using concatenation operator.
- Job_Application__r.Candidate__r.Id is the url and remaining is the data.

HYPERLINK(  Department__r.Id ,Department__r.Name__c & " " &  Department__r.Name  )
- To display Department name and ID at a time and create a link to the particular record

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