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1.) Suppose you are the standard user, you have all the CRED permissions on CAMPAIGN object but you don't have access to create a record, why?
Ans:) marketing user option should be checked for that user to access the CAMPAIGN object.

2.) In approval process, suppose three persons has to approve, if majority people approve then it should approve otherwise it should not be approve?
Ans:) Using standard approval process it is not possible, using dynamic approval process it is possible. In standard approval process all users should approve then only record will get approve.

3.) If the OWD for account object is private then is it possible to access the account record by other users apart form the owner?
Ans:) 1. All the people above the role hierarchy, they can access the records.
          2. By using sharing rules, we can share those records to other users.
          3. Account Team members they can access these records.

4.) If I put "renderas" attribute as "PDF" then it displays PDF document,But i want the same in MSword format.Then how you will do this?
A)<apex:page contentType="application/msWord" cache="true">
  <!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
  This is your new Page
  <apex:commandButton value="Button" action="{!method1}"/>
  <!-- End Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
Without "cache" attribute also it works, But in some browsers it doesn't work without "cache" attribute.

5.) If there is a validation rule if amount = 100 then it should display error msg, Then I saved the record by giving value as 1000 then I had written a workflow if amount > 100 then I am updating amount field value with 100. Then what will be the result?
 A) First validation rules will get execute then workflow rules will be execute so the answer is 100 (Even though there is validation rule because of the workflow it will accept 100 in amount field.

6.) What is the difference between task and event?
Task: Task is nothing but work assigned to a particular person, it doesn't have certain time limit.
Event: It has certain time limit in that time only all persons should assemble after the time limit over, event will get complete.

7.) What the record criteria meets for a time dependent workflow email has submitted in queue which will trigger the email in one month later somebody modified the record which won't meet the time dependent workflow rule criteria, what will happen?
Email won't be triggered since workflow criteria is not satisfied for the record, salesforce will remove the action to send the email from the queue.

7.) How many ways we can make field mandatory, if the field is mandatory at page layout level and if we try to inert records through data loader with out populating those mandatory fields what will happen?
In following ways we can make fields mandatory:
1. At Field Level.
2. At the page layout level.
3. Through validation rules.

If the field is mandatory at page layout level then only while inserting records from page layout level if we won't populate the fields with values it will trow error. If we insert records from data loader it won't throw. Even if we mention the record type while inserting record through program it will trow error message.


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  8. If I delete a role which is at higher hierarchy what will happen?
    Is it possible to delete a profile which has users assigned to it?

    1. Setup>Administraton Setup>Roles

      We need to remove all users both active and inactive from the role otherwise saelsforce won't allow us to delete the role.

      Standard Profiles we cannot delete and if you want to delete a custom profile it should not be associated with any of the user.

  9. It is not possible to make pick list value as required.

    1. We cannot make a picklist value required at the time of creating the field but at page layout level we can make it required or else we can write a validation rule.

    2. we can make picklist value as required while creating.

    3. thank you for sharning

  10. In back-end picklist field acts like a text field.

  11. We can write Sharing Rules on User Object.

  12. We cannot delete the user in salesforce, because for the already created records it stores Created Date and Last Modified date.

  13. Error: 'non selective query against large object'
    This is a time out error (more than 10 sec), if we use future method we will get (60 sec).

  14. Is it possible to write @future inside of the Apex Trigger?
    No, we should not.

  15. permissions sets deployment with Eclipse?

  16. Scenario:
    On Account detail page I need a button called 'Find Contacts'. Whenever user click on that button a new window should open in that window all the contacts which he/she can access should display (which are not available for that user should not display) along with the check boxes. User should be able to select whatever the contact he want after that if he click on 'Send Email' buttons email should go.

    Which controller you use?
    Standard Controller.
    How to respect security?
    use 'with sharing' keyword for the extensions class.
    How to display the contacts with checkboxes?
    Useing Wrapper class.
    What is wrapper Class?
    We store multiple instances of the class in a list. that class might be either inner class or outer class.
    Could you please write syntax for wrapper class?
    public class MyClass {
    List wrapLst = new List();
    wrapLst = ;
    public class MyWrapper {
    public Boolean isTrue {get;set;}
    public Contact con {get;set;}
    public MyWrapper() {
    isTrue = false;

  17. How to track the information that how many times visited and who visited the visualforce page?
    Override the view button and when open the page using action attribute perform DML operation to store the information.
    Note: In Contructor, we cannot use the dml statement.



  20. Custom Component can specify only controller attribute we cannot use standardController or extensions.

    1. Above stmt is wrong:
      Custom Component: we can use controller or extensions attributes but we cannot use standardController.

  21. Custom Controller Page Exceptions:
    1. If you don't handle Exception on a VF page exception will show in a different page like below -
    An error message.
    Error is in expression '{!doSomething}' in component apex:commandButton in page customexcepcheck: Class.CustomExcepCheck.doSomething: line 4, column 1

    An unexpected error has occurred. Your development organization has been notified.
    2. If you add apex:Message then also same will repeat as above.
    3. If we handle the exception using try - catch then on the page no error message will display.
    4. In a catch block we have to catch the error and add the message by using apexpages.addMessage() then it will display the error message on the top of the page.

  22. Scenario:
    For the task record upon click on 'Cls' link, Due Date field should be populated with today's date.

  23. Salesforce Basics Book:

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  25. Apex Developer Guide:
    Visualforce Developer Guide:
    Salesforce Migration Guide:

  26. Validation Rule wont' work for delete and undelete operations in those situations using apex trigger we can display the error messages.

  27. Scenario:
    Display one of the section fields info of the parent object(assume: Account) in the child object (Assume: Opportunity).
    1. Create a VF page (standardController: Opportunity).
    2. User relationship field to Account in opportunity to fetch Account Info.
    3. Keep the VF Page inside of a section in the opportunity page layout.

  28. Scenario:
    Assume that there are two objects Object_A and Object_B. In Object_A upon entering a email value for one of the email field I need to fetch one of the field value corresponding to the mail in Object_B (assume: one email field exists).
    We should write a trigger for before insert and before update.

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  31. Object Name: ObjectA
    Existing Field Name: SampleA (Text DataType which store parent object name (Assume Parent Object is ObjectB))
    New Field Name: SampleA (Look up to ObjectB)
    After creating the field we need to update the SampleA(Look up fields based on the old SampleA text field value)
    Solution: Write a Batch Class.

  32. owner field on detail object is not available due to that we cannot create the sharing rules, manual sharing and cannot assign queues because all these requires owner.

  33. Assume that there is a picklist field in user object called 'Country'. Upon updating the country picklist value to 'India' for one of the object (Assume Custom__c) automatically user should get CRED permissions(previously user do't have any permission).
    Enabled CRED permissions on the object in a permission set.
    Programtically fire a trigger on user object and assign the user to the permission set.
    See the below code -
    PermissionSetAssignment pAssign = new PermissionSetAssignment();
    pAssign.PermissionSetId = '0PSj0000000AY0s';
    pAssign.AssigneeId = '005j000000C12Za';
    insert pAssign;

  34. How to avoid sending email to a particular approver in salesforce?
    We can change the email settings on a user detail page for a particular user. Under Approver Settings section of the user detail page check for Receive 'Approval Request Emails to Never' checkbox.

    1. 'Receive Approval Request Emails' is a drop down, select as 'Never'.

  35. Creating 25 steps in Approval Process -
    1. We can create only maximum of 15 approval steps for a approval process.
    2. If you want to create 25 steps, create two approval process and for the 15th step of the approval process automatically submit the second approval process.

  36. In case of master-detail relationship, For the detail (child) object we cannot see the owner field.

  37. SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Id NOT IN (SELECT AccountId FROM Contact)
    Usage of the above query -
    1. If you want to query the account records which are not associated with any contacts.
    2. after 'in' we can include list again no need to convert into set of ids.
    3. after 'in' no need to mention ':'.
    4. After the DML stmt, we can use only List (cannot use set)

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  39. If you want to rename bulk picklist values then download iMacros plug in and record for renaming one picklist value and for the remaining values replace the corresponding urls and picklist values.

  40. Distinct records based on the group SOQL:
    List empLst = [SELECT city__c, COUNT_DISTINCT(name__c)
    FROM employee__c
    GROUP BY city__c];
    system.debug('empLst: '+empLst);

  41. Displaying Error message upon inserting more than one record in a day with out of box functionality.

  42. Deactivating the user who is not logged in last 30 days:
    1. fetching users in batch class start method: SELECT LastLoginDate FROM User where LastLoginDate != LAST_N_DAYS:30
    2. Loop through in execute method and deactivate.

  43. 1. When to use iterable and when to use Database.queryLocator?
    2. If the field history exceeds how to maintain history? Is it possible to insert records into history?
    3. What is opportunity team? Is it possible to insert records automatically?
    4. Lead Conversion mapping the fields?
    5. in a dynamic query, is it possible to use inner query?
    6. is it possible to use set while writing an inner query?

  44. Deleting the records which are shared with apex managed sharing?
    Share records for an object cannot be deleted with out deleting the object record.

    1. We can delete the records in share object, refer -

  45. Open Activities and Closed Activities will store in which object?

    1. Once the task or event time duration reaches then it will be automatically moved to activity history object.

  46. 1. While creating the record, field should be displayed but after saving on the record on detail page field should not be displayed?
    A. Create multiple record types and update the record type with the workflow rule.
    2. private variables occupy space in view state?
    3. is Test.stopTest is mandatory?
    4. If we insert records in Test.startTest and Test.stopTest, outside of Test.startTest and Test.stopTest, is it possible to access the records?
    5. Extracted account and contacts from other system, how to insert the records into salesforce?
    A. use external id.
    6. We can use listName.size() on visualforce page?

    1. 2. Yes, private variables will occupy space in view state.
      3. No, Test.stopTest() is not mandatory, without that also we can write the test class.

  47. We can push the data synchronously by using outbound messages of workflow rules.

  48. What is the maximum size of the trigger?

  49. Max. characters per pick list entry:

  50. searching records with multiple conditions in salesforce?

  51. Version Controlling:

  52. Governor Limits - DML and SOQL
    Number of rows processed by DML statements - 10,000.
    If we are using insert, update, delete statements in a logic, by combining the records of insert (assume that we are inserting 5000), update (assume 4000) and delete (assume 2000). Overall by combining all the records it will be 11,000 records which will hit the governor limits. (It counts against for the entire transaction).

    Number of rows queried by SOQL queries - 50,000.
    If we are using multiple queries by combining all the queries records it should not reach 50,000. (It counts against for the entire transaction).

    Note: In batch class, for each and every batch governor limits will reset.

  53. URL to delete a record: {!URLFOR($Action.Contact.Delete,con.Id)}

  54. Source Scanner --> To verify the security review before submitting review to salesforce.

  55. Field data types supported by outbound message in Salesforce

  56. Workflow rule 1 --> should execute 10 times.
    Workflow rule 2 --> should execute 15 times.
    Workflow rule 1 --> should execute 15 times.
    Workflow rule 2 --> should execute 10 times.

  57. 1. explain a business case and how did u accomplish that
    2.can we update 2 fields for the same object.
    3. how to update a filed based on another field.
    4.user not able to see opportunity object, why
    5.OWd has public but user don't have access.
    6.Salesforce flow
    7.difference b/n databaseinsert , insert
    8.Can I callout from Visual force pages
    9. what are 3 classes in the http request
    10.What are the integrations that you have worked on.
    11. What are the exceptions you have faces during integration.
    12.exceptions at database.insert u encounter govener limit exceptions in apex
    14.integration with SOAP API
    16.add a attachment on plain html/visualforce page , what should be done
    17.can we make a field unique in opportunity object
    18.can we perform DML on two objects at a time.
    19.what is page reference in visualforce pages
    20.Batch Apex verser data loader and exceptions in batch apex.
    1. Communities
    2. Partner Portal
    3.Customer portal do u access picklists in apex. to Sort in the apex code.

  58. Approval to allow updating a field before approving -
    upon opening the record make comments as a editable field, fill and click on save,
    then display change amount button, upon clicking allow changing the amount field value, after populating
    allow to change the field value and save it.

    After saving approver can approve or reject the record.

  59. Map keys are not working if those are having spaces.

  60. Closing Task , populating with today's date:
    action="{!URLFOR($Action.Task.Close , Task.Id, [tsk4=TEXT(MONTH(TODAY())) & '/' & TEXT(DAY(TODAY())) & '/' & TEXT(YEAR(TODAY()))], true)}">

  61. Winter17 feature: Make any custom picklist field required.

  62. Picklist values are following the order of status in picklist for ascending/descending

  63. var variableInstance is Case - Sensitive.

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  65. Referring formula fields in Rollup Summary field:
    If the formula is referring other object fields it cannot be referred in Roll up Summary field, to use it use TEXT() funciton.

  66. Field Trip to know percentage of data filled for the fields of objects -

  67. each record will be occupied with 2kb irrespective of the data populated in the fields.

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  69. Issue with jQuery while using in Lightning Component:
    TypeError: 'get' on proxy: property 'constants' is a read-only and non-configurable data property on the proxy target but the proxy did not return its actual value
    Use the latest version of the jQuery to avoid the issue.

  70. Con't display standard salesforce pages in Salesforce.

  71. Recently View Records in Salesforce -
    SELECT Id, Name
    FROM RecentlyViewed
    WHERE Type IN ('Account', 'Contact')
    ORDER BY LastViewedDate DESC

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  75. Two Factor Authentication with Login Flow -

  76. Inserting custom metadata records -

  77. Account has been disabled. Please see your System Administrator -
    While setting DMLoptions for the inactive user, this issue will arise.

  78. Finding duplicate data with SOQL

    SELECT Email, COUNT(Id) FROM Contact GROUP BY Email HAVING COUNT(Id) > 1

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  80. Advanced Approvals -
    Approval Rule --> Approval Process
    Approval Condition --> Approval Rule Enter Criteria Conditions
    Approval Variables --> To get the aggregated information
    Approval Chain --> Steps in the Approval process
    Approval --> is the action for the each approval step (it can be approved or rejected or assigned or requested or revoked)
    Approval Snapshot --> is the response (comments, approved date) etc.
    Approver --> User or Group id who is going to approve

  81. In the after trigger, the checked value in before trigger (before update trigger.newMap) should be available.
    Ans: Use trigger.newMap.deepClone() in before trigger and assign to a static variable in: public static Map beforeUpdTriggerNewMap = new Map();

  82. 1. Account, Contract and Asset -> owd level can set at a time
    2. visibility of the records to the users with in the same role.
    3. Controlling the visibility of the component in App-Builder
    4. disabling attachment in Email object records

  83. Possibility of overriding edit button with visualforce in classic and lightning component in Lighting experience?

  84. we can make field required 2 more ways.
    add on ans 7
    4) using trigger
    5) vf page to true

  85. No COMPONENT named markup:// found

  86. Case Owner push notification didn't work.
    Configured in one app and testing in other console app.
    We should look into the same console app to see the changes.

  87. Creating new page in Community -
    If you are not seeing the option to create the new page, the screen might be beyond the visibility. You should decrease the browser page size (Contrl + -)

  88. csv file for German should be ; separated instead of comma separated.
    public static String getCSVDelimiter(){
    Decimal nSampleValue = 1234.56;
    String sFormattedValue = nSampleValue.format();
    String sDecimalDelimiter = sFormattedValue.substring(5,6);
    if (sDecimalDelimiter.trim() == ','){
    return ';'; //if the decimal delimiter is comma, use ;, else use comma.
    return ',';
    //return ',';

  89. Customer Communities:
    Not able to add any standard/custom component to case detail page in community, even by creating the page variation for the case detail page.
    Problem: Page is having some components which are deleted.
    Resolution: Delete the components which are not present which will allow to add further components.

  90. Lightning:dualListbox working code -

  91. System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: DUPLICATE_VALUE, duplicate value found: duplicates value on record with id: -
    I used below solution to resolve -

    Below one also we can use but I don't recommend as it needs one more DML operation.

  92. Issue with Dynamic Dashboard reporting on "my team's" activities

  93. Marketing Cloud and paradot difference -

  94. Apex won't respect percentage field -
    List accLst = [select Rating__c from Account where id='0010K000023kbsL'];
    Decimal result = accLst[0].Rating__c * 100;
    system.debug(result); --> result is 5000


    Showing field dependency on lightning component salesforce. --> Lightning Edit form

  95. action="{!URLFOR($Action.Contact.Delete,,['retURL'=id+'?tabName=contacts'])}"

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  97. You have reached the maximum number of 15 object references on Case
    You must remove at least 1 relationship(s) in order to save this Validation Rule.
    Related objects referenced in this Validation Rule:

  98. Salesforce Object Limits for the multiple objects -

  99. Channel Order App -
    Issue while creating the service order to start OEM Instance for the customer by converting trailforce org.
    Issue -
    Not able to create the service order.
    Resolution -
    Open 'Partner Contract Terms' record and Refresh the partner contract term which is resloved the problem.

  100. Critical Update - Critical Issue
    Require Customize Application permission for direct read access to custom settings.

    summary: Currently users without Customize Application permission can read custom settings using different APIs that are provided by Salesforce. Following the "secure by default" approach, read access for users without Customize Application permission will be revoked with this update.


    Due to the above critical update, all the standard platform license users not able to access the managed package (Due to not able to read the custom settings data)

  101. Automatically Indexed fields in Salesforce.
    Non Deterministic formula fields.

  102. Login Flow is activated for system admin profile, which is causing issues to login and not able to access salesforce for System Admin users.
    Work around to remove login flow is "Logged in from the vs code already there was a connection. Note: new connection won't work."

  103. Dynamically get the current org API version -

  104. Aura Components -
    - if B fires only A can handle
    - if C fires only A can handle
    {#var} --> if the values changes it won't reflect by the expression but js can access
    actionSupport advantage over actionfunction: Action support adds AJAX support to another visualforce component and then call the controller method. ... Action function cannot add AJAX support to another component.

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  106. java path in mac -
    sudo find / -name java

  107. To get the case closed picklist values -
    select Id, MasterLabel, ApiName, IsClosed from CaseStatus where IsClosed = true

  108. Use the below to get the dependent picklist values through apex -

  109. First error: Too many queueable jobs added to the queue: 2
    Issue: As the future method called multiple times issue came.
    Resolution: To resolve it, schedule the job to run after few seconds

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