Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Manual Sharing Rule in SFDC

 "To share a particular record to a particular user or (Role or PG) we should use manual sharing"

Note: To make the Sharing Button visible on the detail page of the particular sObject record, we should go to the Page Layout of that particular object and there click on the buttons and make it available on the detail page of the record.

Defining a Manual Sharing Rule

* we need to share a particular candidate record that we own with another role, group, or user:

1. On the detail page for the candidate, click Sharing.

* Since we own this candidate record, we get to see details about who else can see the record
and why. If we didn't own this record, there would be a message about not having sufficient

Tip: If we wanted to view the names of each user who has access to the record rather
than just the names of the roles and public groups, we could click Expand List in this
page. Although the operation can take some time depending on the number of users
in our organization, it's helpful to determine whether we need to define a manual
sharing rule for a particular user or if he or she already has access.

2. Click Add.

3. In the Search drop-down list, choose whether we want to manually share the record
with a user, public group, role, or role and subordinates.

4. In the Currently Not Shared list, select the user, public group, or role that
should have access to the record, and click Add.

5. In the Access Level drop-down list, specify whether the user, public group, or
role should have read or read/write access to the record.

6. Click Save.

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