Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Queues in SFDC


- Much like a collection of items in a lost and found drawer, a queue is a collection of records
that don't have an owner

- Users who have access to the queue can examine every record that's in it and claim ownership of the ones they want.

- Queues are traditionally used in sales and support organizations to distribute new leads and
support cases to the employees who have the most availability.
- Because the platform natively supports queues for Leads, Cases, and any custom object, we can create a queue for the Recruiting app's Position object.

Creating a Queue for Positions

- To define a queue, we simply need to know the types of records that can be placed in the queue
(in our case, Positions)
, and the users who are allowed to pull records out of it (in our case,
. Once we know those two things, defining the queue itself is just a matter of a few
simple clicks:

Note: As you can see, a single queue can handle multiple objects—the platform allows you to do this so that you don't have to define multiple queues for the same group of users. 

1. Click Your Name ➤ Setup ➤ Manage Users ➤ Queues.
2. Click New.
3. In the Queue Name text box, enter Unclaimed Positions Queue.
4. In the Queue Email text box, enter an email address for an individual or a
distribution list, such as
5. Select Send Email to Members.
6. In the Supported Objects section, move Position into the Selected Objects list.
7. In the Queue Members section, select Roles and Subordinates from the
Search drop-down list.

8. Move Role and Subordinates: Recruiting Manager to the Selected
Members list.
9. Click Save.

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