Friday, 10 August 2012

Callout Integration and Apex

I have to call to an external webservice everytime a new account is created. My question is, what is the best way to do so?

I thougt about creating an after create trigger that will invoke the method in the class that was generated from the WSDL import. Would that make sense?

If so, how can I import a class into a trigger to use its methods?
Is it the same with Http request or can i make the http request directly from the trigger?

Currently in salesforce we can not make callout from trigger directly , You need to write a future class that will invoke the callout using wsdl generated classes. So in fact this call will be asynchronous call rather than realtime callout.

For example-  you have a wsdl genarated class named "WSDlGeneratedClass" , And you will have to write a future method like -
public class future class
 public static void calloutMethod()
  // write code to invoke "WSDlGeneratedClass" class methods to make callout

Now this method you will need to call from trigger.

Yes its also with HTTP callout  (cannot make any kind of callout from trigger directly).

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