Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer 15 Release Notes

Summer 15 Release Notes

1.       'Setup Assistant' in 'Setup' menu for the newly activated organizations which provides helpful videos and documentation for the basic configurations for the administrators.
2.       Data Loader is available for Mac.
3.       Login Access Policy changed , (To login as any user by clicking on ‘Login’ button/link)–
a.       Previously, Salesforce had to be contacted to enable the Administrator can Login as any user Setting.
b.      Starting from Summer ’15, this setting is enabled by default.
c.       Permission needed to login as any user includes –
                                                                i.      The “Modify All Data” permission enabled  for administrators, and
                                                               ii.      The “View Setup and Configuration” permission enabled for delegated administrators.               
4.       Edit Feed Posts and Comments –
a.       SF introduces option to edit posts and comments.
b.      The Chatter Settings option Allow Users to edit posts and comments is enabled by default for all the organizations.
c.       The user permission Edit My Own Posts:
                                                                i.      Is available by default for the users with standard profiles.
                                                               ii.      Can be enabled in the profile for the users with custom profiles.
                                                             iii.      Is not available to Chatter Free, Chatter External, and Customer Portal profiles.
d.      The user permission Edit Posts on Records I Own can be enabled in the profile for users with standard or custom profiles.
e.      Chatter Moderators, community moderators, and users with “Modify All Data” permission can always edit all posts and comments.
5.       Share any file with a library –
a.       The ability to share files with libraries is turned off by default.
b.      Can be enabled by navigating to Setup > Customize > Salesforce Files > Settings > Salesforce CRM Content > Files user interface allows sharing files with library.
6.       Salesforce Files Sync software can be installed so that we sync files from local system to a folder in salesforce server.
7.       Previous all the custom object records could be added to chatter groups but now sf introduced an option called “Allow in Chatter Groups” permission on the object edit page.
8.       Customizing Actions in the Salesforce1 Action Bar –
a.       Developers can choose to override the predefined actions and specify separate set of actions to appear in Salesforce1 and the Web Interface.
b.      To support this new feature:
                                                                i.      Actions category in palette has been removed to Quick Actions.
                                                               ii.      A new category, Salesforce1 Actions, has been added.
                                                             iii.      The Actions in the Publisher section in the page layout                has been renamed to Quick Actions in the Publisher.
                                                             iv.      A new section named Actions in the Salesforce1 Action Bar has been added to the page layout.
9.       Enhancements to Macros –
a.       Using macros, Support Agents can now:
                                                                i.      Run bulk macros on multiple records at the same time.
                                                               ii.      Search and attach articles to macros.
                                                             iii.      Post to social networks.
                                                             iv.      Replace field values in a case.

                                                              v.      Insert field values into a case.


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